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40Well I am very very pleased I have reached a milestone for me, 40 days completely and utterly alcohol free!  Realising that this was the 40th day this morning really got my butt into gear with the whole eating of unhealthy food issue and the fact I haven’t stuck to the training.  As I have said before I know I needed to give myself the time to be ready to do the next step and today I felt like it was the right day!  This morning started with an attempt to juice.  We are new to this as we have just been given a juicer by a family friend.  I had no recipes so I just juiced the shit out of everything we had that was vegetable or fruit.  It worked…Well it was green and didn’t taste all that bad, it couldn’t have as lilbit managed a whole glass of it too!  After the juicing (which is I have to say quite a messy process!) I headed for my personal training session (again with lilbit but she joins in so its all good!).  And that was it, before half nine I had already ate better and exercised and I was feeling great!

Got home and realised that my MOT was due,so the plans I had for me and lilbit were scuppered, I rang and spoke very nicely to the local garage who agreed to take it in today! Result!  This meant we couldn’t go off as far as  had planned, but we managed to hang out in the local park in what I can only describe as a completely glorious sunny day, we even attempted to fly a kite, but we were missing one massive factor….wind. There was no wind, there was just me and lilbit and a kite running up and down a small hill. But we had fun so who cares! We even did rolling down the hill which was hilarious and to be honest quite painful!  Lilbit reached her own milestone today, completing the climbing wall all by herself (and me letting her try this was probably one for me too!).

After the park we gad lunch at a local pub near the garage where the car was being tested.  I asked what alcohol alternatives they had (as I do nowadays where ever I go) and they had Becks Blue.  Thought I would try it as I was having such a nice day.  In all fairness this drink, to me, tasted like beer and I felt like I was drinking beer, which was fine but to be honest I don’t really drink beer so I do not think ill be buying it again anytime soon, but fair play to Becks, if you want something to taste like beer but not get you drunk, that would work.

Anyway, as always I am digressing.  The main reason for this post was to share with you what I have found while being sober for the last 40 days, what positives I have gained so far:

  •  No hangovers.  I have so much love for my mornings both in the week and weekends that I cannot explain!  I am able to plan anything on any day in the future without thinking about whether I would have had too much to drink the night before.  It is very freeing.  I never feel too sick, too groggy or too tired to do things I had planned.  There have been many things I couldn’t have faced in the past due to a night out before or that I have gone to and wished during every second that I was at home led down.
  • Mondays are not sad anymore – Due to when I would drink, Mondays would always be the day where I would feel hanging, tired, depressed and praying for the day to end so I could go to bed because I would always feel bit better on Tuesdays, bit happier and clear headed.  Now my Mondays are great and the start of a new week and new plans.  I would hate to go back to hangover depression Mondays.  Scrap that I WILL NEVER go back to hangover depression Mondays.
  • Money – I know it is an obvious one but I am not spending money on drink so I am able to get the things I want.  On Saturday apart from my train fare I spent no money at all as I didn’t need to go to the bar, I drank water once the nonalcoholic wine was finished!  I have a little list of “rewards” at every milestone I reach (20, 30, 40 and so on) and I get my self a little treat when I hit them.  This milestone I am getting the train to a little festival on Saturday!  Some of the larger milestones like 100 and 200 I have bigger things planned!  Its exciting to look forward to them.
  • Clear Headed – I cant explain it but my mind is so much clearer and I am much more focused at work at home and with ideas I have had for new avenues I can follow.  This change is very exciting, I feel more like myself and using my brain more instead of feeding it wine all night and staring at the TV.
  • Not in so much of a rush – I have  noticed that I am enjoying my days more, not rushing to get things done so I can finally sit down to ‘my time’.  This is a massive one for me, I am learning to relax more and enjoy what I am doing at the moment.  I am also starting to let lilbit have more freedom like at the park today not being at her side the whole time, letting her play and having ten minutes sat down just watching (this is my ‘me’ time maybe).
  • Skin – My skin is clearer and feels softer.  I am drinking more water as that is what I have on a night now, plus I am keeping up a skin care regime which I never normally do.  The nights I didn’t drink I would try but most nights I just wouldn’t bother.  I find it easier not to wear make up in the day time now as I have less to try and cover up!
  • Mood – Most of the time this is better, I am not as I said depressed and sad due to hangovers.  However, it is not all sunshine and flowers, I am moody especially early evening but I am hoping this is due to my change in routine, the fact I am not all relaxed from a couple of glasses of Shiraz.  I hope it is and I am sure my boyfriend does too!
  • New people – I am researching lots of information and finding lots more blogs of people with similar circumstances to me.  I am being contacted by old friends and complete strangers and making new contacts and relationships with people and organisations.    Exciting times ahead hopefully!

Anyway I think that is enough positives for 40 days!  Roll on the next 40!

Forgive the knees but just to prove the five minutes relaxing and how stunning the day was today!

Forgive the knees but just to prove the five minutes relaxing and how stunning the day was today!

Juicing everything in the kitchen!

Juicing everything in the kitchen!


Climbing the wall all by herself!  She is only four and its taller than it looks!  AWWW

Climbing the wall all by herself! She is only four and its taller than it looks! AWWW