After last night’s post I wanted to share something a bit more upbeat with you all!

Since being ‘sober’ I try to do something productive with my mornings so thought I’d bake us some banana bread at 7.30am. .I didn’t have SR flour so changed the recipe up with wholemeal,
you know to make it healthier! I made sure the oven was the right temp and the tin lined and that I put it in the right shelf of the oven and all the other stuff I usually fail to do properly.
It came out of oven looking like actual banana bread, slipped out the tin easily and only collapsed slightly! At this point I am completely excited I have baked successfully for once!……until that is i taste it and realise I have used 150g of f% $@@&ng SALT instead of caster sugar!……….

I may be sober but a domestic kitchen goddess is not my destiny! :?🎂🍰🍌


A good night sleep was all that was needed to get rid of yesterdays negativity and I cant wait to go to the wedding today! Off to get ready and feeling great about the day ahead!

Enjoy your weekend! Xx