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So its Monday and what a completely and utterly different Monday it has been to last weeks.  Last week I was still recovering from my ‘last night of wine’ I felt bloated, depressed, moody, very tired and just wanting the day to end..sound familiar?  If I have been out on the weekend or drank at home on the weekend, it takes me a couple of days to recover, I normally cant wait for Monday to end..Today however, was a GREAT Monday, waking up feeling relaxed, under control and happy that I had spent the weekend how I had wanted too and more importantly had enjoyed myself (I even cleaned the bloody car with the help of lilbit – although finding the chocolate digestive stuck to the inside of one of the doors made me realise that should have probably have been done a long time ago – ugh).

Don’t get me wrong I’m under no illusions that this is always going to be this easy and I know that at the moment this is all new and fresh and I still have the memories of terrible hangovers and lost hours to keep me going…………What happens when I have so much time between those dreaded hangovers and not drinking, do I start to forget why i am doing this?  Do I fail?  Lets hope not. From what I can see there are a few people who actually want me to fail, why I don’t know, because we are so similar? because they think what I am doing is stupid?  At the end of the day everyone is entitled to their own opinion on any subject they want; and if I feel people think I cant manage this then that is fine I honestly dont mind, I think  this can just be used as another form of motivation to succeed.

I have started an exercise regime today, ensuring I manage twenty to thirty minutes of exercise each day..and I can tell you running after lilbit in the sweltering heat on her bike while she learns to stay balanced, was well, hot and sweaty, but was definitely more interesting than running around a field on my own plus I have roped in an exercise buddy and that made it all the more fun for the three of us this afternoon!

It has become apparent after the last few days that I am going to HAVE to exercise while undertaking this journey, my initial thoughts were “yeah alcohol makes me put on weight if I give that up I am going to get skinny” well it would seem that when I don’t drink all I want to do is eat.  On Saturday not only did I get brought fish and chips for lunch, once I started visiting the pubs I ate in each of them while everyone else was drinking…I cant help it, I love food….. Saturday saw me finishing off the night with a dessert, but not just any dessert, because I couldn’t decide which one I wanted I went for the sharing plate with portions of ALL the desserts..dear lord…when the waitress brought the cutlery over she came with four spoons…Totally shameful……In all fairness I did attempt to share with my cousin as it was his birthday, but I don’t do sharing well (bit like sharing my wine really..I didn’t like too and wanted it all to myself) and when it came down to it, I didn’t really want him to eat my salted caramel tart, I was saving it for last.   Maybe that should be one of my goals for the year…. learn to share like a grown up.

I am getting a lot of support from all different social media sites and even from people I never expected to get on board with the idea which is fantastic. One person so far has also decided to jump on the 365daysofsober bandwagon and give it a go themselves which is amazing and I wish them all the luck!

I have set up a new Facebook page which is dedicated to this idea and hopefully people will start to share it as the more people who know the more people may be inspired to make a change they have wanted to do  https://www.facebook.com/365daysofsober2014

I am working on my goals that I want to achieve over the next year and will post these soon.

Hopefully this is a little more of a cheery post than the last one x  Tomorrow is day 10 already!  Only another 355 days to go!