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So its day six (only 359 to go) and its been sunny and its Friday and normally I would think this is quite a justified couple of reasons to crack open the vino and have a glass of wine in the garden (which would turn into at least a bottle of course) but instead I cooked dinner and then baked some muffins.. some pretty darn good ones I must say…. Banana and peanut butter..

I made my 365 chart today and have decided to Green, Amber and Red my days for when they are good, average and bad.  The last six days are all colored green because to be fair I haven’t even worried about having a drink but lets face it there is going to be a fair few amber and reds coming up in the near future.

I did start to get a little agitated for a small time earlier, I cant say if its because I haven’t had my usual glass of wine or not, it could in fact be a number of things, at the time of getting pissed off,  I was attempting to do my online shop and add my many Tesco money off vouchers to the check out……..EVERY single time I do this, something doesn’t work and it takes me twenty minutes to get one of the ruddy coupons to be accepted and I have almost thrown a £600 laptop at a wall while trying my hardest to obtain 25p off some Almond milk!….it hardly seems worth but in all fairness it kept me occupied for a while! After the Tesco shop I argued with my other half for few minutes; I don’t think he realises but my inability to enter codes correctly onto the website must somehow be his fault (just haven’t worked out how yet…I will though) .  After all this its half eight which is practically the night over and I can honestly say I only thought about not having a drink when I decided to work on my blog so all in all a good result for my first Friday… but as I have said it is only day 6!

I am starting to see some positive results of not drinking, my skin is starting to look better and I definitely feel less bloated and I have managed to have a very productive week, handed in my notice at work, awarded funding for an Access to Success Course with Open University to start in October, childcare sorted for school holidays, lilbits new school visited,  playroom tidied (bigger job than it sounds you will have to trust me on that one) garden mown (I am sure this is actually a mans job), library books taken back without being overdue (first time ever in the history of my library card) and today I have had my final meeting with a local community support centre and I am now a family support volunteer so just got to wait to be matched with a family and I can get started on that, which is really exciting and should hopefully mean I can start helping some families who need a little bit more support.

So now I have the weekend…I have a night full of events taking place in pubs tomorrow but of course I am driving so who knows what colour tomorrow will be!