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Well day three and nothing much to report on the alcohol free side of things, as I said before I dont have a ‘drink everyday’ issue so not having had a drink since Friday isn’t making me pull my hair our and climb the walls…however one thing I can say is I am thinking clearer than this past few days when I felt completely miserable and was suffering for a serious bout of ‘hangover depression’ from my night on Friday at a friends BBQ, which I had hailed as my last night ‘on the drink’ as it were.

Oh and I feel less bloated…I notice this a lot when I have a few days from wine….there is less tummy there….this could all be in my head of course but it makes me feel better.

I have started a #365daysofsober on instagram/facebook to link up with this blog and am trying to get a good picture or saying for each of my days.  Last nights was a picture of Enid Blyton book I have been reading to Lilbit every night called The adventures of the wishing chair, its great because I read it once I was able to read myself and loved it and now I’m reading to her and she loves it even though there are no pictures and she just has to listen and imagine whats happening.

I have told a couple of people about this change I am making and the response has been very supportive, I haven’t told majority of my friends and family yet, although I am hoping to work out how to share this with the people who I would like to see it (this is all so new to me) and once I have worked that out people can actually see this and read it (if they want of course its pretty boring to be fair) and know why it is so important for me to do it.

My brother has suggested making a table of 365 boxes and coloring them in after each and day and using numbers to rate how hard a day was so I can look back and see there have been hard days but more easy ones.. I think this is great and I’m going to get that going tomorrow.  I have two parties to attend Saturday which I am driving to and from, I can see that being a hard night…but if I think about it already Sunday will be great!

Its been a frustrating couple of days as I thought I was going to have to turn the perfect job opportunity down because of childcare in the next few weeks and summer holidays until Lilbit starts school in September.  However after a few tears yesterday and a night to sleep on it, I came up with a solution.  Luckily my idea to sort out childcare has worked with Lilbits current nursery and they have agreed to change around her time slots and not charge the earth and now I have been able to take the new job starting at the end of this month!  This is a massive relief for me and will be a real help on this journey of changing my life as it is one thing I wanted to achieve completed by day two! The job is busy and will keep me going and works out well for me and Lilbit going to school.  I feel like this is a great start to these 365 days and beyond!